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"BESCO – Hilfe für Bangladesch e.V." (BESCO – Help for Bangladesh, a registered society) is a non-profit voluntary relief organization with headquarter in Hoechstadt, Germany. The organization pursues exclusively non-profit charitable projects in the field of education, health care and socio-cultural development in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world.



Current Projects

· Operation of a basic health care center in Madhpur/Kushtia, Bangladesh

· Operation of a primary school in Madhpur/Kushtia for about 250 children.

· Operation of a Training course "Sewing" for disadvantaged women

· Counseling against child marriage and for gender equality

· Financial support to meritorious pupils from poorest families.

For continuation and extension of these projects we need your support. With your donation/sponsorship you can help the children and women.


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Help for self-help,

help for disadvantaged women and children,

development from bottom,

direct help without unnecessary administration/bureaucracy.


BESCO – Hilfe für Bangladesch e.V.

Kieferndorfer Weg 51                           

D-91315 Hoechstadt a. d. Aisch        


Postal Address

BESCO – Hilfe für Bangladesch e.V.

Postfach 1107

D-91311 Hoechstadt a. d. Aisch


Status: January 2017

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Tel. und Fax: +49 (0)9193 507487

Chairman: Dr. Hamidul Haque        

Registration Court Fürth/Germany no.: VR200051 

Income Tax Office Erlangen/Germany no.: 216/107/20398

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